Loot Crate Loot Loot Crate
Drop Item Chance Picture
1 Reaper Head 6% Reaper Head
2 Grendalf Hat 6,58% Grendalf Hat
3 Royal Knight Helmet 4,37% Royal Knight Helmet
4 Steel Scythe 5,81% Steel Scythe
5 Grendalf Cape 3,86% Grendalf Cape
6 High Weapon Enchant Scroll 4,4% High Weapon Enchant Scroll
7 Cotton Fabric 2,76% Cotton Fabric
8 Small Potion Of Strength 3,31% Small Potion Of Strength
9 High Armor Enchant Scroll 3,77% High Armor Enchant Scroll
10 Bone Armor 2,96% Bone Armor
11 Devil Feather 2,81% Devil Feather
12 Power Orb 3,2% Power Orb
13 High Jewelry Enchant Scroll 3,01% High Jewelry Enchant Scroll
14 High Wings Enchant Scroll 2,83% High Wings Enchant Scroll
15 Warrior Trophy 2,22% Warrior Trophy
16 Warlord Wand 2,11% Warlord Wand
17 King's Crown 1,6% King's Crown
18 Stone Of Evolution 1,15% Stone Of Evolution
19 Anti Dragon Shield 1,49% Anti Dragon Shield
20 Orb Of Luck 1,07% Orb Of Luck
21 No loot 34,69% No loot

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