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Main Page*
Magic Pouches*
Skills Maps / Cities


Farming - Dorpat* Reval*


Fishing* - Pernau* Walco*
Defense Cooking - Cesis* Whiland*
Health Jewelry - Rakblood* Clouds*
Magic* Carpentry - Heaven* Heaven*
Alchemy Forging - Blood River* Hell*
Woodcutting Mining* - Dungeons*

Enchanted Weapons are included inside the pages of the not-enchanted ones

Bronze Dagger* Blunt Sword Iron Battle Axe Steel Sword
Bronze Sword* Bronze Battle Axe Iron Rapier Iron Short Sword
Iron Long Sword Iron Mace Iron Scimitar Iron Broad Sword
Iron Flail Iron Scythe Iron Battle Hammer Iron Excalibur
Flamberge Short Dracula Slayer Behemoth Slayer Sapphire Long Short
Steel Battle Hammer Steel Battle Axe Steel Broad Sword Steel Long Sword
Steel Scimitar Steel Scythe Steel Lance Steel War Pike
Steel Saw Blade Steel Halberd Steel Giant Sword Blood Giant Sword
Overlord Blade Donator Keyblade Freezing Rapier Moss Blade
Dragon Slayer Sapphire Halberd Sapphire Barbarian Axe Bronze Wand
Iron Wand Sapphire Wand Emerald Wand Ruby Wand
Cleric Wand Warlord Wand Wooden Staff Iron Staff
Sapphire Staff Emerald Staff Ruby Staff Amethyst Staff
Cursed Wand Zeus Scepter Ancient Scepter Flaming Sapphire Staff
Flaming Emerald Staff Flaming Ruby Staff Flaming Amethyst Staff Reaper Scythe
Blood Reaper Scythe Death Reaper Scythe Carnwennan Oblivion Blade
Hrunting The Devastator Ridill Giant Archangel Axe
Fire Flail Fire Battle Axe Bone Dagger Bone Long Sword

Gray Wizard White Rat Green Wizard Orc Warrior
Minotaur Dwarf Mage Black Rat Ghost
Skeleton Vampire Orc Mage Sapphire Dragon
Gnoll Warrior Hydra Archangel Archdevil
Behemoth Ettin King Efreet Ghost Dragon
King Ruby Dragon Paladin Cursed Dragon Ruby Dragon
Vampire Lord Dark Knight Holy Warrior Russula
Dark Shroom Blue Magic Shroom Boletus Silver Shroom
Golden Shroom Dry-Rotted Shroom Avatar's Shroom Poisoned Shroom
Fire Shroom Lava Shroom Cyclops Knight Desert Runner
Desert Orc Orc King Fire Imp King Cobra
Fire Viper Fire Ant Wind Elemental Ice Troglodyte
Frozen Bat Ice Giant Ice Lizard Ice Golem
Frozen Spirit Wind Protector Azure Golem Bronze Golem
Coal Golem Iron Golem Steel Golem Rock Spirit
Mutated Hydra Dark Orc Skeleton Knight Baby Minotaur Skeleton
Snow Troll Knight Snow Troll Assassin Snow Troll Defender Snow Gungan Priest
Snow Gungan Lord Baby Elemental Dragon Adult Elemental Dragon King Elemental Dragon
Flame Phoenix Fire Behemoth Flaming Giant Blood Lizard
Hell Angel Battlemage Dwarf Battlemage Confused Merlin
Merlin Young Gandalf Gandalf The Grey Zeus
Chicken Hen Cow Deer
Bear Death Angel Griffin Baby Griffin
King Black Dragon Naga Royal Griffin Adult Sapphire Dragon
King Sapphire Dragon Beholder King Beholder Ettin
Blood Battlemage Apeman Dragonfly (BOSS) Orc Overlord
Baby Emerald Dragon Emerald Dragon Adult Emerald Dragon King Emerald Dragon
Moss Wyvern Grass Snake Barbarian Ghost Barbarian Shaman
Barbarian Berserker Shadow Ghost Spirit Poltergeist
Energy Ghost Skeleton Assassin (BOSS) The Reaper (BOSS) Ancient Hydra
(BOSS) Acid Dragon Lord (BOSS) Diablo (BOSS) Demon Portal Sand Centipede
Rock Centipede Fire Centipede Skeletal dragon DarkElf Mage
Sand Golem Mummy Rotting Mummy Ice Mummy
Emerald Mummy Gilded Mummy Amethyst Mummy Diamond Mummy
Phantom Skull Deathstalker Scorpion Emperor Scorpion War Elephant
Chaos Vortex Skeleton King Skeleton Lord Skeleton Mage
White Wall White Hard Wall Flame Wyvern Adult Ruby Dragon
Thief Assassin Explorer Grizzly Bear
Polar Bear Lion Fire Spirit Poisonous Behemoth
Emerald Plant Grass Killer Cave Bat Cave Worm
Skeleton Fighter Gnoll Mage Crusader Ridder
Scholar Enchanter - -

Dorpat Reval Cesis Walco Whiland
Armor Merchant Alchemist Fishing Master Magician Weapon Merchant
Weapon Merchant Magician Blacksmith Alchemist Armor Merchant
Magician Blacksmith Magician Lumberjack Mushroom Fanatic
Blacksmith Shopkeeper Armor Merchant Weapon Merchant Shopkeeper
Pet Trader Potion Master Pet Trader Armor Merchant Magician
Jeweler Jeweler Weapon Merchant
Farmer Shopkeeper
Shopkeeper Lumberjack
Furniture Master Furniture Master
Lumberjack Alchemist
Rackblood Clouds Heaven Blood River Hell
Alchemist Armor Merchant Weapon Merchant Pet Trader Keeper
Shopkeeper Pet Trader Jeweler Shopkeeper Potion Master
Jeweler Potion Master Blacksmith
Potion Master Weapon Merchant
Blacksmith Pet Trader
Narwa Hidden NPCs
Magician Tutorial Fishing Master
Weapon Merchant Wandering Farmer
Armor Merchant Hidden Shopkeeper

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