Amethyst Pants are a type of Armor that you can wear at level 70 Defense, and are also used to make 7 Souls Pants.

Amethyst Pants
Amethyst Pants
Equip Type: Pants
Aim Pow Arm Mag Spd
0 0 71 0 0
Coin Value: 205,306


Amethyst PantsEdit

Amethyst Pants are made at an anvil at level 82 Forging (requiring a Forging Hammer), giving 320 Experience. The items consumed on making are 4 Cut Amethysts and 2 Fire Stone Bars. The chance of success stays at 30%.

7 Souls PantsEdit

7 Souls Pants can be made at an anvil with level 99 Forging.

Materials required:

  • Amethyst Pants

Monster DropsEdit

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