Acquisition Edit

600 MOS from the Item Store ($6).

Leveling Edit

The first tier to go from Angel to Archangel is 100,000 xp. Your pet gains identical xp to you, so the first tier is fairly straightforward. Second tier from Archangel to Sacred Archangel requires 500,000 xp. In comparison, going from 65-66 Def requires 39,778 xp, so that 500,000 xp takes significantly longer. The 4th evolution requires 4x Stone of Evolution to get them to level up. Each one is 250mos ($2.5) so it is $10 to get the Saint Archangel evolution, on top of the $6 to buy originally.

Pets gain XP during battles and during tradeskills.

Unequipping a pet before it has evolved will cause it to lose all of the currently gained experience points.

Evolutions Edit

Name Icon Inventory Slots Stat Bonuses Health Requirement
Angel [R] 4 +8 Aim, Power, Armor, Magic 45
Archangel [R] 8 +15 Aim, Power, Armor, Magic 45
Sacred Archangel [R] 12 +35 Aim/Power/Armor,

+25 magic

Saint Archangel [L] 16 +50 Aim, Armor

+35 Power

+45 Magic


Special Edit

The Saint Archangel [L] can be combined with 3 additional Stone of Evolution and a Nephilim Slave [R] to create a Nephilim Protector [L]

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