Arena Basics Edit

Arena is a safe pvp match that includes gambling of your in-game money (if you wish) as well as coin rewards for the winners. There are team pvp matches as well as free-for-alls. All stats and items are given to each player (with the exception of the randomness of presents), and you are given time to prepare before you fight. Your character's inventory and stats will be replaced with set items/stats as decided by the arena owner. These will be reverted once the match is over.

Joining the match Edit

When someone starts an arena game, there will be multiple announcements in chat across all worlds announcing the time until the game starts. If you enter the same world, you have the option to /join the arena (if you are in a town). When you do, you are teleported into a room, possibly with other players that have joined as well. Under your minimap, you will see a timer that shows you how long until the game starts. Click on the table on the north side of the room to register. Here, you can choose your team (if applicable), and bet in-game money on how well you do. You can leave the room and rejoin the world through the Traveler's Sign in the north-west (top) corner. Doing so will un-register you (you can join again with /join).

Preparation Edit

Once the timer runs down to 0, players begin the preparation phase. Preparation consists of every player being teleported to his/her own personal island. You can view these islands beforehand through the Traveler's sign in the south-east (bottom) corner of the registration room. Each room has a couple fishing, mining and woodcutting spots, as well as a forge, anvil, and magic-cabinet filled with tools. You may also spawn with some items and/or presents. The timer under your minimap will have changed to show how much time is left in the preparation phase. This time is yours to prepare your combat gear.