Beast Bones Beast Bones, an item dropped by some Monsters, are used for Alchemy and Forging.

Dropped By Edit

Crafting Edit


Product Image Level Used
Small Potion Of Magic Small Potion Of Magic 17 4Beast Bones, Small Vial Of Water
Dust Dust 5 8Beast Bones


Forging requires a Forging Hammer, which is not consumed, and is done at an Anvil.

Product Image Level Used
War Scythe File:War Scythe.png 23 2Beast Bones, 4Human Bones, 2Dwarf Bones, 4Skull
Bone Shield Bone Shield 13 Bones, Beast Bones, 6Dwarf Bones
Bone Long Sword Bone Long Sword 15 2Bones, 4Beast Bones
Bone Dagger Bone Dagger 10 Bones, 2Beast Bones
Bone Armor Bone Armor 15 4Human Bones, 2Beast Bones, 2Dwarf Bones, Skull