• Sutechcz

    Wiki Adoption

    August 23, 2017 by Sutechcz

    Hello guys, because the creator of this wiki is away and inactive for two years, and we need to update and maintain the wiki, I create adaption for transfer privilege to me. (becaues others dont have any interest). I´m not the best choice but i dont want see this wiki dead. Thats all and sorry, my english is not good :).

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  • ImperialUser

    create or edit a mob page, to update to new formatting.
    Go into the source editor, delete everything if there was something there before, and paste the following:

    Once done hit "Apply Changes" and the visual editor will be updated. Then click on each box and fill in the info.
    All quest monster pages have already been done. Leave this box empty and it will automatically be filled with "No".

    Please leave location and quantity fields empty, I have the data elsewhere.  Don't waste your time figuring out where all the locations are or how many of the mob are there.

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  • ImperialUser

    last item id to date: 1402


    1. spell crafting
    2. update fishing
    3. update alchemy
    4. locations
    5. monster data
    6. item data
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  • Woodcroft

    See our forum post for more information! --Woodcroft (talk) 11:05, October 10, 2014 (UTC)

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