The Bronze Golem is an aggressive CL 26 monster commonly found near mining locations. Though not particularly dangerous, Bronze Golems prove to be a nuisance by attacking lower leveled miners and blocking off mining routes and passages between towns.

At level 46 Bronze Golems are no longer aggressive, making mining in Rakblood much more efficient.


"Mining Some Golems Part 1" is the tenth kill quest in the game, requiring 27 Bronze Golem kills to complete. Upon completion, the player will be rewarded with either:

  • 2 MOS
  • 183 Exp
  • 603 Coins


Location Quantity Coordinates
Dorpat 4 (69,74)


Item Chance Value
Tin Tin 5% 35
Copper Copper 4.75% 35
Repeat Quest Permission Repeat Quest Permission 0.15% 7,000
Bronze Bar Bronze Bar 4.51% 65

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