Captcha is the in-game anti-bot system. It has a small chance to show up when a player completes an activity, like successfully mining an ore, killing a monster, buying items from NPCs, etc. It doesn't show up when the player is idle (not moving and not clicking).

Captcha New

Missing a captcha or closing the captcha window will remove a captcha point from the player's "penalty" record. If the captcha points reach -5, the player will be teleported to Jail and then only a Chat Moderator or an Admin can decide to free the player. When the captcha points are from +1 to +5, these points can be assigned to a skill of the player's choice for extra Experience. The maximum captcha points that can be kept for later assignments is 5. After that, additional captcha points will be lost so it is recommended to use the fifth point on a high exp skill and use all during a 2x experience event on whatever skill you want.

Captcha exp

The amount of experience rewarded is given by the chart below. For the same level, the reward to carpentry is 50% of the normal reward, and to breeding is 25%. During 2x experience events, the rewards are also doubled.

Skill Level Experience* Carpentry Fletching Breeding
1-29 100 50 50 25
30-39 150 75 75 37.5
40-49 200 100 100 50
50-59 250 125 125 62.5
60-69 300 150 150 75
70-79 350 175 175 87.5
80-89 400 200 200 100
90-99 450 225 225 112.5
100-109 500 250 250 125
110-119 550 275 275 137.5
120-129 600 300 300 150
130-139 650 325 325 162.5

*For all skills except carpentry, fletching and breeding.


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