The Chest is a place to store your items. Items placed in a Chest can be taken out at any other Chest. Chests are located in the main towns. With the Carpentry skill, players can create a Chest item to place on their Island.


First, select an item in the Chest then use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to move the items about. The left side has "Withdraw" and "8" which allow you to take out one or eight selected items from the Chest and moves it or them into your Inventory. The right side has "All" and "Deposit" which takes all selected items from your Inventory, or one item at a time, moving them or it into your Chest.

The counters above the item represent how many are in the chest (top-left), or in your Inventory (top-right).

Enabling Mods enhances your options, including sorting.

Upgrade Edit

A player's Chest can be upgraded to provide additional storage capacity; upgrades can be paid for with Coin or MOS. Each upgrade adds 60 slots for stacks of items. The table below lists the upgrade cost in Coins or MOS at each level.

Page Total Slots Coins MOS
1 60 default
2 120 500,000 50
3 180 3,000,000 300
4 240 9,000,000 900
5 300 20,000,000 2,000
Full Upgrade Cost: 32,500,000 3,250