The Hen and the Chicken are both capable of fulfilling the needed kills for the Poultry Slaughtering quest.

"Poultry Slaughtering", is the second quest in the game. Requiring 20 kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 1 MOS

- 20 Exp

- 65 Coins


Location Quantity Coordinates
Dorpat 10 (16,35)
Moche I 10 (39,45)

Drops Edit

Loot Crate Drops Loot Crate
Item Chance
Tomato Tomato 25.00%
Raw Chicken Leg Raw Chicken Leg 13.33%
Feather Feather 7.50%
Hay Seed Hay Seed 6.75%
Grass Seed Grass Seed 6.08%
Dorpat Soul Dorpat Soul 1.37%