Use Edit

At lvl 40 Forging you can combine at a Furnace with Iron Ore to make Steel Bar.

Can be sold to NPCs for coins.

Can be sold on the Market.

Mining Edit

Requires lvl 40 mining and pickaxe or multi-tool.

Mined from: Mining Guild, Reval, Narwa, and No Man's Land.

Fastest way is mining from Mining Guild and using the chest in Dorpat.

To get to the coal in Reval, you'll have to navigate through a large field of Desert Orcs and you must fight at least one Orc King.

The coal in No Man's Land can be reached without combat, however there are a lot of Knights and Novice Knights to dodge along the way. Also note that any visit to No Man's Land is inherently risky because it's a PvP area. You might have to fight Bears and Grizzly Bears in Whiland to reach No Man's Land in the first place.

Drop Edit

Dropped by

Coal Golem 5
Steel Golem 3
Gravekeeper 0.35
Undead Paladin 0.35

Sell Edit

Can be sold for 250 coins.

Reval Blacksmith
Cesis Blacksmith
Rakblood Blacksmith