Cotton Fabric
Cotton Fabric
Used in Crafting
Coin Value: 300 Equipped: Yes Craftable: From Seed

Cotton Fabric is a material used in crafting Magic Armor, Spells and Archery Bows. It is also used in making your own Ship. Cotton Seeds can be purchased from the Dorpat Farmer for 240 coins. Cotton Fabric can be purchased from the Dorpat Magic Crafter for 300 coins.

Here is a list of items you can craft using Cotton Fabric in your inventory. Only the fabric and thread is used during the crafting. NOTE: Some of the crafted items are also Loot Drops from Mobs.

Image Name Materials Magic Skill Min Chance Max Chance Experience
Wizard Boots Wizard Boots Needle For Boots
Thread X1 Cotton FabricX4
2 70% 70% 15
Wizard Hat-0 Wizard Hat Needle For Hats
Thread X1 Cotton Fabric X4
3 50% 50% 20
Wizard Robe Bottom Wizard Robe Bottom Needle For Robe Bottoms
Thread X2 Cotton Fabric X6
5 50% 50% 30
Wizard Robe-0 Wizard Robe Needle For Robes
Thread X3 Cotton Fabric X8
9 50% 50% 40

The following are crafted at the proper Altar. Only the fabric is used during Spell Crafting. Spell Scrolls are also loot drops from Mobs.

Image Name Materials Magic Skill Min Chance Max Chance Experience
Flash Bolt Flash Bolt Flash Bolt Medallion Cotton Fabric 10 70% 100% 2
Air Bolt Air Bolt Air Bolt Medallion Cotton Fabric 13 70% 100% 2.5
Earth Bolt Earth Bolt Earth Bolt Medallion Cotton Fabric 15 70% 100% 3
Water Bolt Water Bolt Water Bolt Medallion Cotton Fabric 17 70% 100% 3.5
Fire Bolt Fire Bolt Fire Bolt Medallion Cotton Fabric 19 70% 100% 4

The following Archery items are crafted at the Anvil

Image Name Materials Fletching Skill Min Chance Max Chance Experience
Fir Shortbow Fir Shortbow Fir Log X5Cotton Fabric 1 50 50 30
Fir Longbow Fir Longbow Fir Log X7
Cotton Fabric
5 30 30 40
Cactus Shortbow Cactus Shortbow Cactus Wood X5
Cotton Fabric
15 50 50 40
Cactus Longbow Cactus Longbow Cactus Wood X7
Cotton Fabric
18 30 30 54

Can be Obtained From Edit

Level 100 Level 600 300 coins

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