A Cut Crystal Cut Crystal, made from uncut crystals, can be used to craft Archery equipment, either jewelry or gloves, or Crystal Wings. They are also used in Breeding to feed certain Pets.


Cut CrystalEdit

A Cut Crystal is made from any grade of uncut crystal (gathered through Mining with a pickaxe or spade) using a Chisel.

Jewelry level Name Success Chance Experience
1 Uncut Low Grade Crystal 20% 20
1 Uncut Medium Grade Crystal 50% 20
1 Uncut High Grade Crystal 80% 20
1 Uncut Superior Grade Crystal 100% 20

Other itemsEdit


  • White Gold Crystal Ring
  • White Gold Crystal Necklace
  • Silver Crystal Ring
  • Silver Crystal Necklace
  • Redhodium Crystal Ring
  • Redhodium Crystal Necklace
  • Platinum Crystal Ring
  • Platinum Crystal Necklace
  • Golden Crystal Ring
  • Golden Crystal Necklace

Gloves of ArcherySilver Crystal NecklaceEdit

  • Star Diamond Gloves of Archery
  • Sapphire Gloves of Archery
  • Ruby Dragon Gloves of Archery
  • Ichor Gloves of Archery
  • Firelord Gloves of Archery
  • Eclipse Gloves of Archery
  • Dragonstone Gloves of Archery
  • Cursed Gloves of Archery
  • Bahamut Gloves of Archery
  • Amethyst Gloves of Archery
  • 7 Souls Gloves of Archery


  • Crystal Wings

Various types of arrowsEdit

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