A Cut Ruby Cut Ruby is used in Jewelry to add aim and power to rings and necklaces and to make Gloves Of Power from ordinary gloves with Forging, among other things.



A Cut Ruby can be crafted with level 14 Jewelry by using a Chisel on an Uncut Ruby.

Image Name Success
File:Uncut Low Grade Ruby.png Uncut Low Grade Ruby 20%
Uncut Medium Grade Ruby Uncut Medium Grade Ruby 50%
File:Uncut High Grade Ruby.png Uncut High Grade Ruby 80%
File:Uncut Superior Grade Ruby.png Uncut Superior Grade Ruby 100%

Rings and NecklacesEdit

Level Image Name Materials Min Success Max Sucess Exp
14 Silver Ruby Ring Silver Ruby Ring Cut Ruby Silver Ring 50% 100% 40
15 Silver Ruby Necklace Silver Ruby Necklace Cut Ruby Silver Necklace 50% 100% 50
31 Golden Ruby Ring Golden Ruby Ring Cut Ruby Golden Ring 50% 100% 50
33 Golden Ruby Necklace Golden Ruby Necklace Cut Ruby Golden Necklace 50% 100% 70
48 White Gold Ruby Ring White Gold Ruby Ring Cut Rubyx2 White Gold Ring 50% 100% 85
50 White Gold Ruby Necklace White Gold Ruby Necklace Cut Rubyx3 White Gold Necklace 50% 100% 120
70 Platinum Ruby Ring Platinum Ruby Ring Cut Rubyx4 Platinum Ring 50% 100% 130
75 Platinum Ruby Necklace Platinum Ruby Necklace Cut Rubyx6 Platinum Necklace 50% 100% 190
98 Redhodium Ruby Ring Redhodium Ruby Ring Cut Rubyx10 Redhodium Ring 20% 100% 290
104 Redhodium Ruby Necklace Redhodium Ruby Necklace Cut Rubyx13 Redhodium Necklace 20% 100% 390

7 Souls JewelEdit

The 7 Souls Jewel can be carfted at an Anvil with level 99 Forging with 2 Cut Diamonds, 2 Cut Rubies, 2 Cut Emeralds, 2 Cut Sapphires, 1 Cut Amethyst, 1 Cut Black Opal, and 1 Cut Jadeite.

Gloves Of PowerEdit

Gloves Of Power are crafted with Forging from 1 Cut Ruby, 1 Magic Rune and the base gloves. They each give 100 Experience if successful. The higher level Magic Rune used, the higher the success rate.

Level Base Gloves
1 Firelord Gloves of Power +4 Firelord Gloves +3
68 Sapphire Gloves Of Power Sapphire Gloves
75 Ruby Dragon Gloves Of Power Ruby Dragon Gloves
75 Amethyst Gloves Of Power Amethyst Gloves
80 Diamond Gloves Of Power Diamond Gloves
90 Ichor Gloves Of Power Ichor Gloves
90 Cursed Gloves Of Power Cursed Gloves
90 Bahamut Gloves Of Power Bahamut Gloves
94 Dragonstone Gloves Of Power Dragonstone Gloves
99 7 Souls Gloves Of Power 7 Souls Gloves
115 Eclipse Gloves Of Power Eclipse Gloves
120 Star Diamond Gloves Of Power Star Diamond Gloves



Cut Rubies can be sold to the following NPCs.

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