Daily Rewards

The Daily Rewards window

By logging in constantly every day, you can claim prizes whenever certain number of consecutive days is reached. From each prize the rewards become higher (except day 55). The prize can come in Coins, combat Exp, MOS and Presents.

After getting a daily log-in notification, the next notification will be ready to be displayed 20 hours later, as soon as the server detects that the player is online. If the player doesn't log in between 20h and 54h after the last notification, the counter will reset.

To check how many days you have on your daily rewards counter, load the mods and type "/daily".

Daily Rewards
Day of Reward Reward
Day 1 3,000 Coins
Day 2 1,500 combat exp
Day 5 15 MOS
Day 10 Good Present
Day 15 30 MOS
Day 20 30,000 Coins
Day 25 35 MOS
Day 30 10,000 combat exp
Day 35 Good Present
Day 40 Great Present
Day 45 30 MOS
Day 50 60 MOS
Day 55 30 MOS
Day 60 Great Present
Day 70 60 MOS
Day 75 Best Present
Day 100 Best Present
Day 125 120 MOS
Day 150 Best Present
Day 175 Legendary Present
Day 225 Rare Present