Death occurs when a player's Health reaches zero. Under normal circumstances, after dying, a player will respawn in Dorpat and lose everything in their inventory except their 2 most expensive items, their equipped pet, and anything their pet is currently holding. If the player is training a pet, the pet will lose a portion of its current exp as well.

NOTE: If mods are enabled, a small, green dot will be present in the corner of the inventory item that will be saved.

Exceptions to Standard Death Consequences Edit

  • Players have a 2 hour grace period after completing the tutorial in which they will not lose any of their items upon death.
  • An equipped Potion of Preservation saves five additional items upon death. Total of seven items.
  • Potion of Preservation are never saved on death, equipped or not.
  • The mini game Arena is a specialized combat zone. It has it's own items separate from your own and you do not get teleported to Dorpat.
  • Cathedral does not have death consequences. Upon death you do not lose any items and are teleported back to the entrance of the Cathedral.
  • Dueling another player, upon death, will teleport you to Dorpat but you do not lose any items.

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