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This is the first world you step foot in once finishing the Tutorial Island quest. In this world, named after the main dockside city, we have the Paladin's Castle in the center and Minotaur Ruins to the North. Below ground is the Dungeon, Dungeon II, Dungeon III and Dungeon IV filled with ores and enemies, including the Rat Cave, Skeleton Cave and Mining Guild. Entrances (Ladder) are scattered about the map with the Rat Cave being north-west of the blacksmith.

In this map, you will also find Traveler's Signs that can bring you to the neighboring towns of Moche I (West center) Reval (North West corner), Whiland (South East corner), Walco (North East corner) and Clouds (North Center).


Check the entire List of NPCs.

Name Location
Fishing Instructor Fishing Instructor Main City Dock
Makeover Guy Makeover Guy Main City
Dorpat Fishing Master Dorpat Fishing Master Main City
Dorpat Shopkeeper Dorpat Shopkeeper Main City
Dorpat Magician Dorpat Magician Main City
Dorpat Magic Crafter Dorpat Magic Crafter Main City
Dorpat Jeweler Dorpat Jeweler Main City
Dorpad Lumberjack Dorpat Lumberjack Main City
Dorpat Armor Merchant Dorpat Armor Merchant Main City
Dorpat Weapon Merchant Dorpat Weapon Merchant Main City
Dorpat Blacksmith Dorpat Blacksmith Main City
Dorpat Pet Trader Dorpat Pet Trader Main City
Dorpat Breeding Master Dorpat Breeding Master Main City
Dorpat Farmer Dorpat Farmer Main City
File:Dorpat Decorations Shopkeeper.png Dorpat Decorations Shopkeeper Main City
File:Dorpat Archery Master.png Dorpat Archery Master Main City
Chest Instructor Chest Instructor Main City
Cooking Instructor Cooking Instructor Main City
Forging Instructor Forging Instructor Main City
Jewelry Instructor Jewelry Instructor Main City
Quest Instructor Quest Instructor Main City Outskirts
Woodcutting Instructor Woodcutting Instructor Main City Outskirts
Dorpat Outpost Trader Dorpat Outpost Trader Outpost


Check the entire Monster  list.

Name Level Health Accuracy Strength Defense
Chicken Chicken 1 2 1 1 1
Moth Moth 1 2 1 1 1
White Rat White Rat 1 5 0 0 0
Hen Hen 2 5 1 1 1
Gray Wizard Gray Wizard 4 10 2 3 3
Cow Cow 7 8 10 5 5
Green Wizard Green Wizard 11 17 10 10 10
Dwarf Mage Dwarf Mage 13 14 14 10 14
Dragonfly Dragonfly 20 20 20 20 20
Apeman Apeman 21 24 20 20 20
Orc Warrior Orc Warrior 21 25 25 30 5
Thief Thief 25 22 30 18 30
Orc Mage Orc Mage 25 30 25 30 17
Explorer Explorer 38 38 45 24 45
Minotaur Minotaur 48 60 45 45 45
Paladin Paladin 84 73 100 63 100
Ettin King Ettin King 93 92 100 100 80
Archdevil Archdevil 95 100 75 75 130
Behemoth Behemoth 97 88 100 78 122


Check the entire Tree list.

Name Loots Level XP
Dead Tree
Dead Tree - - -
Fir Tree
Fir Tree Fir Log 1 5
Oak Tree
Oak Tree Oak Log 10 13
Willow Tree
Willow Tree Willow Log 20 18


See Dungeon for below-ground ore Mining.

Name Loots Level XP
1 5
Silver Ore
Silver Chunk-0
Silver Chunk
25 25

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