Map of Dorpat - Full Size

The Shopkeeper Dorpat Shopkeeper is located just south-east of the chest in Dorpat which is in the left corner of the map.

Shop Edit

All prices are purchase price. Selling value is always half the purchase price rounded down. i.e. Leather Boots sell for 37 coins not 37.5. Zero Inventory indicates a "Sell Only" item that cannot be bought here.

Name Buy Sell Inventory
Tomato Tomato 3 1 50
Rat Meat Rat Meat 4 2 10
Chicken Leg Chicken leg 6 3 10
Ham Ham 15 7 10
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet 172 86 0
Red Cape Red Cape 320 160 0
Blue Cape Blue Cape 320 160 0
Leather Boots Leather Boots 75 37 0
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves 65 32 0

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