The Dwarf Mage is a CL 13 passive monster that can be found in Dorpat.

Locations Edit

Location Quantity Coordinates
Dorpat 12 (70,50)


Image Item Chance
No Loot 82.44
Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves 5
Leather Boots
Leather Boots 4.75
Dwarf Bones
Dwarf Bones 4.36
Kombu Seaweed-0
Kombu Seaweed 1.8
Low Jewelry Enchant Scroll
Low Jewelry Enchant Scroll 0.44
Small Magic Pouch
Small Magic Pouch 0.41
Wizard Hat-0
Wizard Hat 0.23
Dorpat Soul-0
Dorpat Soul 0.22
Wizard Robe Bottom-0
Wizard Robe Bottom 0.22
Repeat Quest Permission
Repeat Quest Permission 0.14