The total experience needed to go from level 1 to n is the same for every skill (experience chart), but the rate at which the experience is gained might vary significantly. Experience can be obtained by practicing the corresponding skill, by dealing damage (for accuracy, strength, defense, health and Archery) or by special rewards. Players can also trigger 2x experience events for all other players by consuming 2x Experience Potions. Magic gains experience from casting spells, crafting spells and gear and using Teleport Scrolls.

Combat skillsEdit

For the combat skills (except magic), the experience given is proportional to the physical damage dealt by the player. For a damage of n health points, the experience is distributed among the combat skills depending on the fight mode selected by the player, according to the table below:

Fighting Mode Experience given to Adjusted Skills
Accuracy Strength Defense Health
Controlled 2n/3 2n/3 2n/3 n none
Accurate 2n 0 0 n Acc +1
Aggressive 0 2n 0 n Str +1
Defensive 0 0 2n n Def +1
Cordial 0 0 0 2n Acc/Def/Str -1

Some special experience rewards, like the quest rewards, will be distributed among the combat skills according to the same table above (with the reward being equal to 3n).

Magic experience is obtained by casting a spell, using a teleport scroll or book, crafting a spell or crafting a magic armor.

Special rewardsEdit

Experience can also be obtained by special rewards, like:

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