The Fire Imp is an aggressive CL 42 NPC monster located in the Blood River and Reval. It has a moderate resistance to Magic with a Magic Block of 30.


"Small Ones Can Burn", is the fourteenth quest in the game. Requiring 40 Fire Imp kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 2 MOS

- 364 Exp

- 1,200 Coins


Location Quantity Coordinates
Reval 28 (36,40)
Blood River 15 (?,?)
Moche 1 (?,?)

From Reval Town, head north east to find the largest group of Fire Imps. If one reaches the Jewelry Guild, they've gone too far.

In Reval, there are more Fire Imps inside of the POI, "Snake Maze", however reaching them requires fighting through several Fire Viper (CL 58) and King Cobra (CL 72).

(If anyone learns the coordinates of Fire Imps in Blood River, please post them here)


Image Item Chance
No Loot 72.21
Skull 10
Wheat 4.5
Ring Mould
Ring Mould 4.26
Empty Small Vial
Empty Small Vial 4
Bronze Large Shield
Bronze Large Shield 3.8
Beast Eye
Beast Eye 0.81
Veles Robe Bottom
Veles Robe Bottom 0.21