Enchanted from the MOS Market item Firelord Keyblade, Firelord Keyblade +2 is the next level weapon in the series. This weapon requires Accuracy to equip and it can be enchanted many times using Weapon Enchant Scrolls to get more Aim and Power however this also increases the Accuracy needed to equip it. Be sure you can wield the next level Sword before you enchant the one you have. Enchanting is done at the Anvil.

Enchanting - Weapon Scroll Edit

Weapon Low Med High Sup Result Accuracy
to Equip
Power Aim
Donator Keyblade +2
Firelord Keyblade +2
65% 80% 90% 100% Donator Keyblade +3
Firelord Keyblade +3
35 50 50

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