Food is consumed for health recovery, it cannot be used while fight.

Cooked FishEdit

Icon Name Heal Estimated cost on market Cost per health healed
Frog Frog 3 30 10 gold/health
Cooked Perch Perch 3 15 5 gold/health
Baby Squid Baby Squid 4 unknown unknown
Trout Trout 4 unknown unknown
Sardine Sardine 5 unknown unknown
Jellyfish Jellyfish 5 80 16 gold/health
Pike Pike 6 45 7.5 gold/health
Blue Marine Fish Blue Marine Fish 7 60 8.57 gold/health
Salmon Salmon 8
Sand Crab Sand Crab 8
Lion Fish Lion Fish 9
Mud Crab Mud Crab 9
Pearl Clam Pearl Clam 10
Cooked Bass Bass 10
Seahorse Seahorse 10
Angelfish Angelfish 11
Common Starfish Common Srarfish 11
Red Star Red Star 12
Cooked Lobster Lobster 12
Eel Eel 12
Cooked Swordfish Swordfish 13
Squalidae Squalidae 14
Rock Squid Rock Squid 14
Dolphin Dolphin 15
Manta Ray Manta Ray 15
Cooked White Shark White Shark 16
King Crab King Crab 16
Giant Squid Giant Squid 16
Cowfish Cowfish 16
Hammer Shark Hammer Shark 17
Reef Manta Ray Reef Manta Ray 18
Gray Shark Gray Shark 19
Deep Sea Octopus Deep Sea Octopus 19
Spiny Sea Star Spiny Sea Star 20
King Seahorse King Seahorse 22
Giant Catfish Giant Catfish 23
Baby Whale Baby Whale 24
Whale Shark Whale Shark 25
Blue Marlin Blue Marlin 26
Sunfish Sunfish 28


Icon Name Heal
Trout With Potatoes Trout With Potatoes 7
Salmon Soup Salmon Soup 12
Pineapple Juice Pineapple Juice 12
Lion Fish Soup Lion Fish Soup 14
Lobster Curry Lobster Curry 16
Rock Squid Soup Rock Squid Soup 19
Dolphin Sushi Dolphin Sushi 20
Hammer Shark Dish Hammer Shark Dish 23
Manta Ray Steak Manta Ray Steak 25
Sturgeon Nori-sushi Sturgeon Nori-sushi  ??
File:Coelacanth Dulse-sushi.png Coelacanth Dulse-sushi  ??
File:Sturgeon Dulse-sushi.png Sturgeon Dulse-sushi  ??
Coelacanth Kombu-sushi Coelacanth Kombu-sushi 28
Sturgeon Kombu-sushi Sturgeon Kombu-sushi 30
Stonefish Kombu-sushi Stonefish Kombu-sushi 30
Coelacanth Nori-sushi Coelacanth Nori-sushi 32
Stonefish Nori-sushi Stonefish Nori-sushi 32
Oarfish Kombu-sushi Oarfish Kombu-sushi 33
Stonefish Dulse-sushi Stonefish Dulse-sushi 34
Oarfish Nori-sushi Oarfish Nori-sushi 37
Oarfish Dulse-sushi Oarfish Dulse-sushi 40

Limited Time / Holiday Foods Edit

Icon Name Heal
Heart Shaped Candy Heart Shaped Candy 30
Egg Of Hope Egg Of Hope 40
Birthday Cake Birthday Cake 50


Icon Name Heal
Tomato Tomato 2
Rat Meat Rat Meat 2
Chicken Leg Chicken Leg 2
Onion Onion 2
Ham Ham 3
Potato Potato 3
Corn Corn 4
Apple Apple 6
Banana Banana 8
Carrot Carrot 8
Pineapple Pineapple 10
Strawberry Strawberry 13

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