The Gnoll Mage is an aggressive CL 43 NPC monster located in the Dungeon. It has a minor resistance to Magic with a Magic Block of 5, and can cast its own spells with a Magic of 16.


"World Is Weird", is the twentieth quest in the game. Requiring 70 Gnoll Mage kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 2 MOS

- 1,042 Exp

- 3,424 Coins

Players will likely encounter Hydra (CL 62) during this quest and should be equipped to deal with such foes.


Location Quantity Coordinates
Dungeon 7 (93,43)

To enter this section of the Dungeon, find the ladder (Point D, on the World Map) that is southwest of the Dorpat Outpost. The Dorpat Outpost is in the southeastern region of Dorpat.


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