The Gnoll Warrior is an aggressive CL 54 NPC monster located in the Dungeon.


"What Animal Is That" is the nineteenth quest in the game. Requiring 70 Gnoll Warrior kills to complete. Upon completing this quest, the player will be rewarded with one of the following:

  • 2 MOS
  • 907 Exp
  • 2,983 Coins

Players will likely encounter Hydras (CL 62) and Vampires  (CL 44) during this quest and should be equipped to deal with such foes.


Location Quantity Coordinates
Dungeon 19 (74,11)

To enter this section of the Dungeon, find the ladder (Point D, on the World Map) that is southwest of the Dorpat Outpost. The Dorpat Outpost is in the southeastern region of Dorpat.


Item Chance Value
Ham Ham 20% 15
Iron Rapier Iron Rapier 0.8% 3,142
Large Bronze Shield Large Bronze Shield 1.58% 358
Kombu Seaweed Kombu Seaweed 1.55% 80
Repeat Quest Permission Repeat Quest Permission 0.11% 7,000
Iron Berserker Platemail Iron Berserker Platemail 0.19% 11,492
Yellow Dust Yellow Dust 0.38% 4,000
Light Peacekeeper Light Peacekeeper 0.19% 827
Iron Battle Hammer Iron Battle Hammer 0.19% 7,460
Bronze Platemail Bronze Platemail 0.19% 644
Iron Gloves Iron Gloves 0.19% 2,722
Iron Necklace Iron Necklace 0.19% 450
Low Jewelry Enchant Scroll Low Jewelry Enchant Scroll 0.37% 3,000
Low Weapon Enchant Scroll Low Weapon Enchant Scroll 0.37% 3,000
Beast Bones Beast Bones 3.69% 20
No Loot No Loot 70.02% 0

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