Iron Ore Iron Ore requires level 25 mining and provides 20 exp per ore.

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The easiest place at low levels to mine Iron is the Skeleton Dungeon south-east of Dorpat village.  
Skeleton dungeon
The Iron veins are surrounded by Lv36-44 mobs, however there is a path between them to get to the veins without fighting. Be aware that there are two kind of objects that give Iron Ores, Pure Iron and the Iron Vein, the difference between them is that the Pure Iron is pickable by the Iron Pickaxe while the Iron Vein is not.
Iron Vein Locations Co-ord
Dungeon [66,29]

When mining Iron Veins there is a 0.5% chance to mine an Uncut Low Grade Emerald a 0.4% chance to mine an Uncut Medium Grade Emerald a 0.3% a chance to mine an Uncut High Grade Emerald and a 0.15% chance to mine an Uncut Superior Grade Emerald.