This is a list of all the maps in RPG MO and where they lead to.

Tutorial Island - Leads to Dorpat

Dorpat - Leads to Dorpat Dungeon, Every Man's Land, Moche, Reval. Clouds, Walco, Whiland

Dorpat Dungeon - Leads to Dorpat

Every Man's Land - Leads to Dorpat

Moche - Leads to Dorpat, Reval

Reval - Leads to Dorpat, Moche, Pernau, Cesis

Pernau - Leads to Reval

Cesis - Leads to Reval

Ancient dungeon - Leads to Cesis

Clouds - Leads to Dorpat, Heaven

Heaven - Leads to Clouds

Walco - Leads to Dorpat, Devil's Triangle

Devil's Triangle - Leads to Walco

Broceliande Forest - Leads to Devil's Triangle, Cathedral

Cathedral - Leads to Broceliande Forest

Whiland - Leads to Dorpat, Lost Woods, No Man's Land, Rakblood

Lost Woods - Leads to Whiland

No Man's Land - Leads to Whiland

Rakblood - Leads to Whiland, Narwa

Narwa - Leads to Rakblood, Fellin Island, Blood River

Fellin Island - Leads to Narwa, Dragons Lair

Dragon's Lair - Leads to Fellin Island

Blood River - Leads to Narwa, Hell

Hell - Leads to Blood River

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