Magic is a Skill that effects Magic Damage and is a requirement for Equipment dealing with Spell casting.

To cast spells you need to equip a Magic Pouch. This goes in your offhand (right hand), so you are not able to use a shield or 2h weapon with spells. Once you have equipped a spell pouch, you are able to place spells inside the pouch. At first you start out with 1 spell slot, but higher level pouches can hold more spells.

When in combat, you can cast a spell by clicking the spell's icon or by pressing the corresponding button on your keyboard (1, 2, 3, or 4). The Auto Cast mod allows for automatic casting of spells.

Spells have a limited quantity per scroll so having more than one in your inventory to replace your current spell makes sense.

Effect on Combat Edit

Magic level acts similar to accuracy for a spells damage. Instead of a chance to miss, the maximum damage each spell can do is reduced if your opponents defense is above your magic stat. It is possible for spell damage to be reduced so low that they hit for 0.

Notes Edit

Magic has a sub-crafting skill, Spell Crafting. You don't gain much magic experience from crafting spells. In essence it's more of a way to save money. Parchment costs less than a scroll, and seeds to grow parchment with Farming costs less than the parchment. There is an initial fail rate and higher magic level increases success chance up to 100%.

You can also craft Magic Equipment. However mage gear is typically not worn except by preference. Higher defense from regular armors is preferred for combat because there is no bonus for having higher magic than the enemies defense. Pet and jewelry +magic levels typically gives you more than the enemies defense by themselves and for mages using a staff, that's even more +magic.

NOTE: The above is not confirmed. It seems magic defense is not properly accounted for when doing Combat Analysis on a mob.


Level Name Magic Slots Notes Crafting Exp
1 Small Magic Pouch Small Magic Pouch 1 1000 casts of one spell None 0
30 Medium Magic Pouch Medium Magic Pouch 2 2000 casts each of two different spells 10 Small Pouches at 25 Forging, 20% chance 50
60 Large Magic PouchLarge Magic Pouch 3 3000 casts each of three different spells 10 Medium Pouches at 55 Forging, 25% chance 100
75 Superior Magic Pouch Superior Magic Pouch 4 4000 casts each of four different spells 10 Large Pouches at 90 Forging, 15% chance 150
85 Rose Pouch Rose Pouch 5 +40 aim, -3% cooldown 10 Roses at 1 Jewelry, 25% chance 1000
85 Santa's Bag Santa's Bag 5 +75 Armor Superior Magic Pouch, 2 Rudolph [Legendary] pets, 1 Forging 0
90 Elemental Pouch Elemental pouch 5 5000 casts each of five different spells Superior Magic Pouch, Air Orb, Earth Orb, Fire Orb, Water Orb, 80 Forging, 100% chance 0

Remove spells from a pouch or book at open chest by clicking each spell in the pop-up.


For a list of weapons (staffs and wands, not pouches), see Weapon List/Magic.

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