Located in Dungeon I, the Ladder down to here can be reached from just South-East of Dorpat City, the Mining Guild requires the Player to have a Mining Guild Permission equipped (Lv65 Mining) to be granted access.

The Mining Guild contains the following Ore Deposits: Copper Copper, Copper Vein Copper Ore, Tin Tin, Tin Vein Tin Ore, Iron Iron, Iron Vein Iron Vein, Coal Coal, and Coal Vein Coal Vein; along with a Furnace Furnace and Anvil Anvil.

Due to the Furnace's proximity to the Ores and Anvil, it is a great place to quickly train Forging at lower levels by, for example; smelting the Iron Ores into Iron Bars at the Furnace, then Forging the Iron Bars at the Anvil into something that has a high chance of success (like Iron Watering Can), destroying the creations, and doing it all over again, or selling the results to the various NPC Dorpat Blacksmith vendors that buy such things.

This is also a better place to mine Coal-0 Coal since it doesn't require fighting any monsters on the way and is relatively close to Dorpat Town's Chest.

The Uncut Gems which can be obtained from this location include:

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