Moche Blacksmith

The Moche Blacksmith buys and sells various items used or made in the Forging skill. He is located in the City of Moche with coordinates of (48,69). Moche can be accessed by using the Travelers Sign in the most north-west corner of Dorpat, or by using the Travelers Sign in south-west Reval.

Buys and Sells Edit

Item Value
Forging Hammer Forging Hammer 404
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 200
Iron Ore Iron Ore 180
Emerald Chainmail Emerald Chainmail 9,260
Emerald Long Sword Emerald Long Sword 8,882

Buys Edit

Item Value
Iron Bar Iron Bar 540
Emerald Dragon Scale Emerald Dragon Scale 2,200
Medium Weapon Enchant Scroll Medium Weapon Enchant Scroll 50,000
Medium Armor Enchant Scroll Medium Armor Enchant Scroll 50,000
Enchanted Emerald Chainmail Enchanted Emerald Chainmail 17,132
Emerald Platemail Emerald Platemail 18,212
Enchanted Emerald Platemail Enchanted Emerald Platemail 33,692
Emerald Pants Emerald Pants 11,940
Enchanted Emerald Pants Enchanted Emerald Pants 22,090
Enchanted Emerald Long Sword Enchanted Emerald Long Sword 16,430
Emerald Sabre Emerald Sabre 10,569
Enchanted Emerald Sabre Enchanted Emerald Sabre 19,952
Emerald Katana Emerald Katana 11,272
Enchanted Emerald Katana Enchanted Emerald Katana 20,856
Emerald Warhammer Emerald Warhammer 18,054
Enchanted Emerald Warhammer Enchanted Emerald Warhammer 33,400

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