Mods are new, additional content to the game that have not been included in the initial launching of the game. Some of the mods will slow down your device so they can be activated individually if you want them. There are two ways to access the mods.

  1. Open the chat window and type /mods and hit <enter> or
  2. Select the 'Menu' at the top of the game screen and select 'Enable mods' near the bottom of the list. Then you will see the following information screen:
Enable mods? These are produced

by 3rd party and may not work on

all devices. Also we are not

responsible for any damages that

may occur. To undo mods, just

refresh your browser or restart

your app.

Yes No

Select 'Yes' to continue.

A window will open showing your mod selection options and a description of each. As new mods are added, they will be selectable from that list. You can, of course, close the window without selecting any mods. Current mods are:

  1. 2x Experience Monitor - Shows a timer during double experience events (next to 'Menu' icon). (integrated)
  2. FullScreen mode - Provides a much larger playing field, greater visibility and, using a computer and your browsers 'Full Screen' mode (F11) gives you a closer view of the bigger game.
  3. Auto Cast - For those magic users who don't like to continuously select their spells.
  4. Enhanced Map - More information on the mini-map such as Boss locations and resources etc.
  5. Enhanced Market - Adds various helpers for market interface.
  6. Tabbed Chat - Adds tabs to the chat interface. (integrated)
  7. Keybinding Extensions - Adds an interface to manage custom keybindings for various actions.
  8. Gear Screen Mod - Enable a gear menu, to show what you have equipped.
  9. Experience Bar - Shows an experience bar for your chosen active skill.
  10. Pet Inventory - Attaches the Pet Inventory to the main one (Inventory).
  11. Mouseover Stats - When you mouse-over a mob, an item or an object, you'll be able to see its stats.
  12. Updated Health Bar - Will now display health values for you and your target.
  13. Forging Interface- The Forging User Interface is greatly improved to be easier to use. (integrated)
  14. Chest Interface - New options for 'Sorting', 'Withdrawing' and 'Depositing'.
  15. Right-Click Menu Extensions - Right-clicking on MOBs: 'Drops', 'Combat Analysis' and wiki screen.
  16. Magic Damage Interface - Magic damage does now appear over the enemy.
  17. In-Game Wiki - An in-game wiki will now be available in this menu.
  18. Miscellaneous Improvements - Various improvements of the games User Interface.
  19. Chat Extensions - Adds chat filters and commands.
  20. Farming Improvements - Adds the ability to 'queue' farming actions.

REMEMBER,to undo mods, just refresh your browser or restart your app.

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