The Naga is an aggressive CL 62 NPC monster located in the Clouds, Cesis and Fellin Island.


(Note: Some areas may require Wings in order to complete this quest)

"Don't Look Into The Eyes", is the twenty-second quest in the game. Requiring 85 Naga kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 2 MOS

- 1,183 Exp

- 3,890 Coins


Location Quantity Coordinates
Clouds 14 (34,64)
Fellin Island 15 (?,?)
Cesis 28 (65,20)

Clouds: To reach the Naga in the Clouds, walk north from the Dorpat entrance. It should be noted that one must be able to defeat Archangel (CL = 70) and Observer (CL = 74) in order to reach seven Naga. Once at the POI, "Air Altar", the next right ahead will lead you to the group of Naga. There are seven additional Naga near the entrance to Acid Dragon Lord at (58, 30), where one would need to encounter multiple Blood Battle Mage (CL = 81) in order to reach them.

Fellin Island: Northwest corner of the map

Cesis: Southeast corner of the map

(If anyone learns the coordinates of Naga in Cesis or Fellin Island, please post them here)


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