Necklace Mould is a clay mould for necklaces used in the Jewelry skill with a value of 70 coins. It is made using one clay and one tin on a forge, and has a base 50% chance of success, which will go up to 100% at level 55 jewelry. It can be made at level 5 of the Jewelry skill and grants 10 experience for a successful attempt.

Mob DropsEdit

The only monster that drops it is the Frozen Bat Frozen Bat at 0.46%.


They can be sold at Reval Jeweler, Dorpat Jeweler, and Narwa Jeweler.


Image Jewelry


Necklace Mould 5 Clay-0Tin-0 Furnace 70

The necklace mould is used with metal bars (iron, silver, gold, white gold, platinum, and redhodium) to make necklaces at the Furnace. Silver and higher metals can be set with cut gems for extra bonuses.