A nest is an item used in breeding. It requires 50 carpentry to craft.
Pet Nest Formulas

300 Fir Logs, 100 Hay and 100 Wheat per nest put into your chest then use Build - Objects menu on your island to 'Make' then 'Place' your nest. Must be put inside a fenced breeding pen.

Click on Breeding Nest to open breeding interface. Select Formulas.

Breeding General

The General listing is all pets in the game. These can be sorted by Level, Hunger or Happiness. Level 1 pets are mostly for zoo animals and are not parent pets. Once these are Placed in a Breeding Nest, you feed them until they are Happy and you have a zoo animal forever. Two zoo animals can be Placed inside each Breeding pen.

Breeding Results

The Results listing is all parent pet pairs and their offspring. These can be sorted by Level, Time and XP. You can also Search for a specific pet by name or part of a name.

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