Getting StartedEdit

Check your device requirements and start the game from browser or any of the standalone clients .

Create accountEdit

When you start a game, the login/register window will appear.
  • World drop down: This is used to select what World you will start in, with information on how many players are in the selected world. You don't need to change this, unless it says Disconnected below Login/Register. NOTE: World 3 is for Premium players and can be bought through the MOS Market in the game.
  • User: Type in desired account name. This is the name other players will know you by.
  • Password: Type in desired password. See if forgotten.
  • Login/Register: Click here when done.
  • Connected/Disconnected: States your connection status to selected world.

Controls Edit

You can move your character by clicking on the location you want to move to. If you click on an interactive object, like a NPC or an ore vein, you will automatically walk to it and begin interacting with it. You can also use the 'wasd' keys or arrow keys to move.

Some objects require you to equip an item before you can interact with it (e.g. you need to equip an Iron Pickaxe before mining an ore or Steel Pickaxe before mining a vein). To equip an item, simply left click on it in your inventory. If it is equipped, it will have a yellow border around it.

Clicking on consumable items will use them but be careful as items will be consumed even if it does not confer any benefit. Eating food while at full health will still consume the food and using a potion while under the influence of another potion affecting the same stat will override the old potion but will not stack the effect.

Right clicking will bring up additional options for both items and the environment. An item can be used, inspected, of destroyed (this includes loot crates in the environment). An object in the environment can be interacted with or inspected. However, enabling Mods adds many more useful options. You can check items in the in-game /wiki, get a detailed Combat Analysis between you and a mob, and see what items you can get from that mobs/resource (Check Drops).

You can trade with some NPCs. To buy/sell an item, left click on it to select it and click buy/sell at the bottom of the Shop window. The name of item you have selected should be at the top left of the Shop window. Some items can only be sold, not bought. Right/long click an NPC and Check Drops to list only the items they sell.

Clicking on the minimap at the top left will bring up a map of the entire area. If you have mods enabled, it will also show the locations of resources and types of mobs. Also after loading /mods, World Map can be accessed after you open the minimap.

Tutorial IslandEdit

You should chose one of the Combat Builds before doing any combat and set your Fighting Mode accordingly. It is set to Controlled by default. Fighting mode is set in menu, leftmost icon in top right part of the screen. It is also recommended that you turn auto run away from fights on in the options at the beginning of the game as this will let you do 4 hits for every 3 monster attacks. This also stops combat after both you and the monster take 3 actions each so you would have to re-initiate combat each time this happens. Keep a close watch on your HP while fighting as you can not heal during fights, only after you run away can you eat food.

Don't use Repeat Quest Permission if you get any. You can sell them on the player market for 30,000+ coins once you finish tutorial island or save for later use (when they will do you more good).

It is highly recommended to enable the Mods. They add many 'quality of life features' that are practically mandatory to use.


After you complete tutorial island you will find yourself in Dorpat . Once there, all game options are available to you. You can start doing combat or gathering /crafting . It's worth noting that even if you might think that it's cheapest to do everything all by yourself, it is not. It is best to specialize early on. All tutorial island teachers are also located in Dorpat and can be used to refresh you on their instructions. If you accidentally lose your resource gathering tools you can get another set as a drop from killing toolboxes underneath Dorpat in the dungeon.

Making coins Edit

Most common ways of making coins is by selling items to other players via player Market accessed through your town Chest and to NPCs. NPCS only buy items listed in their trade menu and nothing else. Check the in-game wiki using the command /wiki to find out which NPCs buy the items you are selling. However it is recommended to check the market first to see if other players are buying the items at higher prices than what the NPCs are offering. Others ways of making coins are doing Quests, Party Dungeons and Daily Login Rewards. Mobs don't drop coins, only items.

The best way to make some coin starting out is to mine and sell Sand (roughly 183 coins on the market), Feathers (2000 coins on the market), reselling seeds, and monster loot through combat. Another way to get coins that doesn't take too long is by fishing and selling your fish. Not only is it a food source but a source of income as well.

It is highly recommended to get one of the skill donkeys from the pet trader in Dorpat as soon as possible as they provide 8 extra inventory slots immediately with an additional 8 inventory slots through leveling up the pet. They require you to have reached Level 20 of that skill, but will store any item, not just materials related to that skill.

Buying an Island Edit

You can not train fletching, carpentry, breeding, and farming until you buy an island deed. You can buy one from the Dorpat Farmer NPC for 35,000 coins. Refer to the other guides for more information on these skills.

Additional Resources Edit


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