The Oak Tree can be cut at level 10 Woodcutting and above. When cut down successfully, an Oak Log is acquired. The value of the oak log is 60 coins. The log can be used in skills such as Carpentry, Forging and Fletching.

Oak Tree
Oak Tree
Level Output Value Base Success Rate
10 Oak LogOak Log and Green Leaf-0 Green Leaf 60 15%
Location Quantity
Dorpat east of town and west of Outpost 5
Dorpat north of town 2

Island Decoration Edit

An oak tree can also be purchased as a decoration for your island but cannot be used for logs there.

Have the Oak Tree in your chest and use Build - Objects menu to Place it. Rotate the tree when Placing it to change the appearance and size of the tree.

Dorpat Decorations Shopkeeper - 35,000 coins.

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