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We want to make this wiki up to date and the best as possible. Any help is welcome. We just ask, before anyone makes any changes, first check similar entries. Then we can have a more consistent looking wiki.

For creating monster entries use [[1]]

For loot table in monsters page, use code from [[2]] or other monster who have it... For Example, look, teach etc...

Loot Crate Loot Loot Crate
Drop Item Chance Picture
1 Raw Baby Whale 20% Raw Baby Whale
2 Repeat Quest Permission 0,15% Repeat Quest Permission
3 Sapphire Staff 0,25% Sapphire Staff
4 Spectral Scepter 0,15% Spectral Scepter
5 Bag of Worms 1% Bag of Worms
6 Moon Stone 0,2% Moon Stone
7 Skull Longbow 0,25% Skull Longbow
8 Veles Cape 0,25% Veles Cape
9 Spectral Staff 0,15% Spectral Staff
10 Small Potion Of Strength 1% Small Potion Of Strength
11 Demonic Cape 0,15% Demonic Cape
12 Demigod Cape 0,1% Demigod Cape
13 Oak Longbow 0,25% Oak Longbow
14 Dragonstone Shield 0,25% Dragonstone Shield
15 Uncut High Grade Jadeite 0,25% Uncut Jadeite
16 Lightning Cape 0,1% Lightning Cape
17 Willow Shortbow 0,25% Willow Shortbow
18 Sunstorm Cape 0,15% Sunstorm Cape
19 7 Souls Jewel 0,05% 7 Souls Jewel
20 Skull Shortbow 0,25% Skull Shortbow
21 Oblivion Blade 0,25 Oblivion Blade
22 Shiva Cape 0,15% Shiva Cape
23 Chaotic Blade 0,25% Chaotic Blade
24 Landlord Crown 0,25% Landlord Crown
25 No loot 75,25% No loot

-Update-Sutechcz (talk) 19:11, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

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I've noticed that the formulae for Forging use individual images for every item, so I've created a {{formula}} template so that they can be edited more easily. Go to the page for details! --Sutechcz (talk) 19:09, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

Bronze Dagger
Bronze Bar
Bronze Bar
Fir Log

However, the Forging page et al. already use complex templates I'm not yet comfortable editing since I don't want to change a whole bunch of stuff and have you guys get all mad at me.

-  ~The Man~ 17:06, August 21, 2015 (UTC)

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So I've started a Forum page to Collect the wisdom of the denizens of MO. If you want to help out the Wiki Take a look at .



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Big update on Forging Page is finally finished.

Quest monster pages have been updated. Check out the new layout. I'll be updating monsters sporadically, it's a lot of data input to do all at once.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the wikia feel free to leave them here or whisper me in-game. I enabled the wiki chat, if I'm working in wiki I'll be in it. Feel free to send me any comments or suggestions there as well.

1000 thanks to woodcroft and all previous major editors for their work before I took over. Their contributes were a huge stepping stone for my own.