The player ship is a naval vessel that the player can build while on their island. It allows players to travel to other player islands.

Methods for AcquiringEdit

There are multiple methods to acquire the materials required to construct the player ship.

Completing each step grants 200 Carpentry exp. Completing all 8 steps grants a total of 1600 exp. It is recommended to build this during 2x exp at a low level.

Material RequiredEdit

It requires the following:

Step Material
1 300 Fir Log Fir logs
2 150 Cactus WoodCactus Wood
3 100 Oak LogOak Logs
4 75 Willow LogWillow Logs
5 50 Maple LogMaple Logs
6 25 Spirit LogSpirit Logs
7 50 Cotton FabricCotton Fabric
8 30 Bamboo FabricBamboo Fabric

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