Rakblood Alchemist
The Rakblood Alchemist buys and sells various items used for and in the alchemy skill. He is located in the city of Rakblood with coordinates of (34,72). Rakblood can be accessed by using the ladder located in the lower center of Whiland, or by using the upper middle Travelers Sign in Narwa.

Buys and Sells Edit

Item Value
Mortar and Pestle Mortar and Pestle 320
Beast Fang Beast Fang 350

Buys Edit

Item Value
Liquorice Liquorice 50
Blue Leaf Blue Leaf 400
Beast Leather Beast Leather 450
Behemoth Eye Behemoth Eye 900
File:Angel Feather Bundle.png Angel Feather Bundle 2,800
Empty Medium Vial Empty Medium Vial 200

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