Reval Magician
The Reval Magician is located at (13,25) in Reval, which can be located through the north-western most Travelers Sign in Dorpat.

Sells Edit

Item (Quantity) Value
Reval Teleport

Reval Teleport (5)

Enchanted Wizard Robe Bottom

Wizard Robe

Bottom (5)

Wooden Staff
Wooden Staff (5) 12
Iron Staff
Iron Staff (5) 1,620
Iron Wand
Iron Wand (5) 1,080
Water Bolt
Water Bolt (10) 765
Fire Bolt
Water Bolt (10) 855
Flash Missile
Flash Missle (10) 1,120

Buys Edit

Item Value
Wizard Robe
Wizard Robe 3,600
Wizard Hat
Wizard Hat 1,800

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