The Sand Centipede is an aggressive CL 70 NPC monster located in Pernau.


"More Than 100 Legs", is the twenty-third quest in the game. Requiring 90 Sand Centipede kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 3 MOS

- 1,620 Exp

- 5,326 Coins

Players will likely encounter Emerald Mummy (CL 80) during this quest and should be equipped to deal with such foes.


Location Quantity Coordinates
Pernau 19 (33,36)

Pernau: The way to the Sand Centipedes can take some time. Bringing sufficient food and a teleport for the return journey is recommended. The way to Pernau is located at the Pyramid, in the northeast corner of Reval. One can avoid all Desert Orc (CL 106) if they walk northeast from Reval Town. The Desert Orc at the entrance can be avoided by rounding the corner. One will need to fight two Sand Golem (CL 62) to enter the Pyramid.

After fighting through several mummies, one will reach a fork in the road, where they should go toward the room of Ice Mummy. Then, go down the narrow corridor with several Rotting Mummy. Keep following the path, making sure to stay away from the Phantom Skull (CL 160). When one reaches the room of Emerald Mummy, one can avoid most of them by walking along the purple flowers and around the room. Fighting through a narrow corridor and second room (6 Emerald Mummies in total) will lead one to Pernau Desert.

The Sand Centipedes will be right outside the exit, along with many Rock Centipede (CL 80).

Note: No White Wall needs to be attacked to reach the Sand Centipedes.


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