Island Boat

A ship lets you visit other players islands, if they have one, to just look around or get ideas for your island. No experience is gained by using your boat. Adding materials to your boat adds to the Carpentry Skill so it is most beneficial to add them during a 2x event.

Open build menu

To build your Ship, Open Build Menu on your island then select Buildings from the headings. The following is a list of all the materials you will need to build your Ship.

Fir Log
300 Fir Logs
Maple Log
50 Maple Logs
Cactus Wood
150 Cactus Logs
Spirit Log
25 Spirit Logs
Oak Log
100 Oak Logs
Cotton Fabric
50 Cotton Fabric
Willow Log
75 Willow Logs
Bamboo Fabric
30 Bamboo Fabric

You may also spend 20 MOS at each stage of the build if you choose not to use the materials, which requires 45 woodcutting and 20 farming.

When your Ship is complete it will be sitting at your islands' dock. To use it, step on to the ship and enter the name of the player whose island you want to go to. Use the Traveler's Sign to exit any island you are on.

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