The Skeleton Mage is an aggressive CL 37 NPC monster located in the Dungeon and Pernau. It can cast Fire Bolt with a Magic of 20.


Location Quantity Coordinates
Dungeon 5 (87,19)
Pernau 18 (88,64)

Dungeon: Find the ladder (Point C, on the World Map) that is southwest of the Dorpat Outpost. The Dorpat Outpost is in the southeastern region of Dorpat.

Pernau: Their location is secluded behind two White Walls to the right after entering from Reval

Drops Edit

Item Chance Value
Raw Lion Fish Raw Lion Fish 0.5% 82
Iron Platemail Iron Platemail 0.25% 9,850
Iron Scimitar Iron Scimitar 0.25% 3,024
Veles Robe Veles Robe 0.25% 32,282
Repeat Quest Permission Repeat Quest Permission 0.15% 7,000
Veles Cape Veles Cape 0.25% 46,500
Iron Battle Axe Iron Battle Axe 0.25% 5,644
Agility Boots Agility Boots 0.25% 3,800
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet 0.24% 6,988
Witch Robe Bottom Witch Robe Bottom 0.24% 8,064
Iron Necklace Iron Necklace 0.1% 450
No Loot No Loot 97.28%

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