Requires in a forge:

Has a 40% (base) chance of success. (max 100% @ Lv 100 Forging)

The Best Way to ObtainEdit

The best place you can craft Steel Bars is in the Mining Guild.

The second best way to obtain the components is quite a bit more Complex:

You will want to start with the hardest to see how well you fare, that would be done by mining the Coal-0 Coal from Rakblood's Town's Coal Vein Coal Vein. You may need to defeat 2 Bronze Golem Bronze Golems blocking the road between Rakblood Town and the Coal Vein Coal Vein. If you are not high enough Combat Level to avoid Aggro, you will need to fight up to Bronze Golem 8 Bronze Golems (assuming bad path finding) and Iron Golem 1 Iron Golem (2 if going for the non-vein Coal Coal)

The other half of the Steel Bar would be the Iron Ore Iron Ore, that is a much easier retrieval process, and an extremely detailed explanation is posted in the Iron Iron Mining Node and Iron Vein Iron Vein* pages.

* Iron Vein to be completed soon

Remember that most Pets will increase your available inventory size when equipped!

Usage Edit

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