Craftable Edit

Image Name Materials Forging Skill Min Chance Max Chance Exp
Steel Giant Sword Steel Giant Sword Steel Bar X10 53 20% 20% 300

Enchanting Edit

Item Low Med High Sup Result Acc to Equip Power Aim
Steel Giant Sword
Steel Giant Sword
35% 50% 60% 75% Enchanted Steel Giant Sword
Enchanted Steel Giant Sword
40 131 7

Enchanting is done at the Anvil using Weapon Enchant Scrolls.

Can be Obtained From Edit

Level 94 Level 115 Level 120 Level 202 Level 221 Level 227 Level 278 Level 320
Level 334 Level 335 Level 390 Level 398 Level 503 Level 532 Level 592 Good Great

Can be Sold To Edit

Player Market for player determined prices. Always check the Market before selling to an NPC.

Rakblood Blacksmith Rakblood Blacksmith for 10,886 coins

PVP Shopkeeper PVP Shopkeeper for 8709 coins.

Moche General Shopkeeper Moche General Shopkeeper for 2177 coins.

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