Wandering Farmer

The Wandering Farmer can be found in Whiland just north of the entrance from Dorpat. /find wandering farmer

Here is a list of the items he sells and their prices.

Item Image Item Name Sell Price
Island Deed Island Deed 35,000 Coins
Rake Rake 240 Coins
Aconitum Seed Aconitum Seed 380 Coins
Bamboo Seed Bamboo Seed 716 Coins
Beast Herb Seed Beast Herb Seed 1,300 Coins
Blood Herb Seed Blood Herb Seed 500 Coins
Carrot Seed Carrot Seed 100 Coins
Corn Seed Corn Seed 160 Coins
Strawberry Seed Strawberry Seed 250 Coins
Flannel Seed Flannel Seed 800 Coins
Tossa Jute Seed Tossa Jute Seed 3,801 Coins
Bag of Worms Bag of Worms 5,520 Coins

The following items are only purchased by the Wandering Farmer.

Item Image Item Name Buy Price
Steel Watering Can Steel Watering Can 2,722 Coins
Azurite Watering Can Azurite Watering Can 8,910 Coins
Gilded Watering Can Gilded Watering Can 9,126 Coins
Carrot Carrot 65 Coins
Corn Corn 100 Coins
Strawberry Strawberry 175 Coins

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