Watering cans are used to revive crops, are crafted at the Anvil and refilled at a town Water Well Water WellBetter watering cans hold more water for less refilling and provide one exp per use which reduces grow time by one minute.

Type Image Water Units Forging Exp Farming Level Buy From Sell To
Bronze Bronze Watering Can 10 30 1 Dorpat Farmer195 Dorpat Farmer97
Iron Iron Watering Can 15 45 20 Narwa Farmer2160 Narwa Farmer1080
Steel Steel Watering Can 20 90 40 Wandering FarmerNarwa Farmer2722
Azurite Azurite Watering Can 25 135 50 Wandering FarmerNarwa Farmer8910
Gilded Gilded Watering Can 30 45 55 Wandering FarmerNarwa Farmer9261

Crafting Edit

Watering Cans craft at the Anvil with the listed Forging level needed. Failing to craft gives half exp.


Level Materials Chance Exp
Bronze Watering Can 10 Bronze Barx3 90% 30
Iron Watering Can 20 Iron Barx3 70% 60
Steel Watering Can 40 Steel Barx3 65% 90
Azurite Watering Can 65 Azurite Barx3 65% 135
Gilded Watering Can 75 Gold Barx3 5% 45