Items Edit

All prices are purchase price. Selling value is always half the purchase price rounded down. i.e. Leather Boots sell for 37 coins not 37.5. Zero Inventory indicates a "Sell Only" item that cannot be bought here.


Name Cost Inventory
Enchanted Sapphire Platemail Enchanted Sapphire Platemail 127,372 0
Enchanted Sapphire Boots Enchanted Sapphire Boots 55,860 0
Enchanted Sapphire Dragon Pants Enchanted Sapphire Dragon Pants 69,264 0
Sapphire Gloves Of Power Sapphire Gloves Of Power 19,980 0
Sapphire Gloves Of Magic Sapphire Gloves Of Magic 19,980 0
Sapphire Gloves Of Accuracy Sapphire Gloves Of Accuracy 19,980 0
Sapphire Gloves Of Defense Sapphire Gloves Of Defense 19,980 0
Behemoth Cape Behemoth Cape 68,332 0
Enchanted Anti Dragon Shield Enchanted Anti Dragon Shield 706,730 0

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