The White Rat is the monster featured in the quest Journey Begins.

The "Journey Begins", is the first quest in the game. Requiring 15 kills to complete, 1 out of 3 rewards will be chosen to be given at random upon completion; these will either be...

- 1 MOS

- 15 Exp

- 49 Coins


White Rats will first be encountered on Tutorial island when learning combat mechanics of the game.

Though White Rats can be found in Moche, higher leveled mobs also spawn nearby; such as, lvl 21 Orc Warrior, lvl 25 Orc Mage and several other higher leveled mobs.

To limit risk of death due to accidental misclick on any higher leveled mobs. It is advised for new players to kill White Rats in the Dungeon, or in Dorpat.

Location Quantity Coordinates
Dorpat 14 (29,33)
Dungeon 18 (14,22)
Moche 26 (32,65) (61,38)


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